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Community Leader Ivan Lewis Announces Campaign 

For 10th Legislative District State Representative



“I am running for State Representative because if we don’t take action right now, my children’s generation will do far, far worse than my generation and my parent’s generation.

Many of the challenges we are facing today are the same challenges we have been fighting for for decades: wages have stayed flat since the 1970’s, health care costs have risen astronomically and fewer people have access to it, pensions seem like they are a thing of the past, there are more women in the workforce than ever before yet we are no closer to equal pay for equal work, childcare costs continue to rise while families struggle to juggle working and raising children, companies continue to schedule workers one week at a time instead of structuring work so that people can spend time with their families, and all the while our climate continues to warm, causing more forest fires, more flooding, more storms and more droughts.

We can’t let this stand. I can’t sit on the sidelines and wonder if somebody will do something.

I am a small business owner, entrepreneur, former volunteer firefighter, farmer, Eagle Scout, and a born and raised pacific Northwesterner. I am also a father of four young kids, the oldest only being seven.

We need politicians that know what it is like to make ends meet in today’s economy. We need politicians that are not independently wealthy and who know what it is like to rely on the programs that they are legislating for. In other words, we need real people in Olympia. People who are beholden to what is right and just and kind. Not beholden to corporations, special interests and lobbyists

We know that we need leaders who put solving our toughest problems ahead of scoring political points. We know that Washington can continue be a leader in this country – and we need politicians, like me, who will be champions for the working class, the working poor and those who have been left behind.”

-Ivan Lewis

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