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Healthcare is a human right and must be an immediate priority for our legislature. Ivan knows the substantial impact that premiums, copays and out of pocket expenses have on individuals and families in Washington. Insurance companies continue to raise premiums at unacceptable rates and constantly change networks and plans, making it difficult to afford and navigate going to the doctor. Ivan will champion single payer healthcare that ensures people can go to the doctor without fear of expense.


A child’s education does not start in Kindergarten, nor does it end in high school and our free universal education system must reflect that. Ivan will champion a true cradle to career education system that prepares our children for their careers and lives beyond school. This includes ensuring quality, equitable, affordable childcare and Pre-K programs, fully funding K-12 schools, and establishing free post-secondary education, whether that is an undergraduate degree, vocational training, or an apprenticeship.

Reducing gun violence

The constant senseless deaths associated with gun violence and suicide are plaguing families and communities here in Washington State, and across the nation. In Washington, more people die from gun violence than die in car accidents each year. That is a major part of why Ivan supports common sense solutions that protect responsible gun ownership while still protecting vulnerable populations. Ivan favors a law enforcement centric approach to gun licensing and sales, such as the model used for gun purchasing in Massachusetts.


Ivan knows that the success of our economy relies on the prosperity of our workforce. That is why he supports Washington’s strong union stance and will fight for further legislation to ensure the protection and strength of our workers and unions.

Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is humanity’s single greatest threat. As it continues to develop, with more forest fires, more droughts, and more storms than ever before, Ivan knows that we must act right now to reduce the damage we are causing. Ivan will fight for a Green New Deal here in Washington so that we have a just transition to a clean economy.

Women's Rights

The fight for equality is far from over and Ivan is committed to continuing to fight for policies that promote equality and equity. Discrimination and harassment have no place in our workplaces, society or lives and legislative priorities must do more to reflect that. Reproductive healthcare is an absolute right and a woman’s right to choose must be absolutely protected.


Ivan knows that we live in a world of gender and sexual diversity and our policies must do more to support that. As a queer man, Ivan knows the challenges that are still faced by those who identify as LGBTQIA+. He will fight to ensure everyone has the legal protections to identify as their gender, whether that be male, female or nonbinary. He will fight to ensure that our workforces, society and lives are free from discrimination so that each person has the unhindered right to their identity and being.

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